Dreamwear is extremely customer driven providing the end consumer with innovative product, fashionable designs that offer great fit and comfort. Take a look below to see some consumer comments.

I love the Skinnygirl line! It looks so chic way better looking than Victoria Secret! Love love this line and can't wait to get paid so I can buy some items and can't wait for the red skinnygirl shirts to come out!!!

Just got my shipment of Skinnygirl Shapewear! Woooooo!! So excited, it's SOOO pretty :) Can't wait for my boyfriend to get home from overseas and dinners and trips, I have like four new outfits! :) I am so excited.

Hi Bethenny!! You have changed my life with my "booty booster", that is what I call them... LOL! I have shown them to all my friends and they make me feel young again. Thank you soooo much... I have ordered 4 now! Thank you girl... luv your product........... :-)

By the way I am Bethenny's biggest fan in Dallas!

I just purchased the 'Everyday Comfort Cami' and this is HANDS down the best EVER! I can still breathe while I'm working all day and it doesn't ride up when I walk around. Thank you, thank you! It's hard to face my body changing as I enter my early 40's and I'm so pleased there is something out there that can help me feel more confident and pretty. Thanks!

Just received my Cherry red tank and just wanted you to know I love it! Can't wait to tell all my friend about it!