Dreamwear is extremely customer driven providing the end consumer with innovative product, fashionable designs that offer great fit and comfort. Take a look below to see some consumer comments.

Just bought some of your panties, they are so pretty. Thanks for thinking of us “full figured” women with your lace and satin beautiful designs.

I would like to purchase several of these Delta Burke cami’s that are pictured on your website. They look great!

Hi, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy wearing the Delta Burke panties and bras. I love the embroidered and sequined ones best. I have about 10 pairs of the panties and 5 bras and am looking forward to buying even more.Another thing I like about the panties is the fact that there is plenty of room in the front for me (I wear a size 8). As a crossdresser, one of my main concerns when buying panties is the comfort of the fit. There is no problem for me with the Delta Burke brand. The bras are very comfortable also.Thank you very much for all the beautiful lingerie you produce!

I have bought two of your bras and they are the best ones I have ever owned!  One is more of an action bra, and the other is padded, and I just love them both. After I bought the first one, I kept looking for more of them, but couldn't find any. Then today I found the padded one with the thick padded straps at a local store.  It just made my day! Thank you for the great designs!

I love your intimate apparel line, and I wish I could find more of it. It is perfect for the plus size. please keep making the line...

I purchased a beautiful black thong with silver lips and lace I was extremely pleased to find such a variety of styles in 2x and 3x. I love the fit and I plan to purchase more. Thank you!

Hello Ms. Burke and Company, I am writing to thank you for your beautiful Intimates line. I am a 37 year old (full figure) stay at home mom of three. My children are ages 10, 8,and 7.  Needless to say, having three children in less than 4 years has helped create the fuller figure issue. Luckily I am married to a wonderful man who loves me no matter what the outside looks like.Several months ago we were shopping, and my husband spotted some really pretty silky, lacey underwear.  He pointed them out and said, “honey why don't you get some for yourself?” My reply was… people who look like me (size 10 underwear) don't buy stuff like that!  For several months he has brought them up in various comments and conversations (of which I always just role my eyes at).  He finally talked me into looking at them today.  Once I picked a pair up and examined how they were made for someone like me (not like a G-string) and saw that the label size was a true size, I thought, Ok maybe one pair.  Next thing I knew I purchased 3. I couldn't decide between colors and different styles.  I am so glad I got them. I couldn't believe how nice they fit.  They curved all the right parts and areas.  I felt so sexy and special.  They were cut just right.  Thank you so much for recognizing that not everyone is a size 2, and even heavy set women want to look and feel sexy.  You made my day, and I'm pretty sure my husbands too!

Hi Delta, please allow me to add to the list of compliments! I recently purchased two sexy sleepwear slips and I just love them and so does my boyfriend. Both of us notice how well they fit and they are also very comfortable!KUDOS on your design work and THANK YOU!!!!!!!! You are fabulous!!!! AND SEXY TOO!!!

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for designing Lingerie for the full figured woman that is very beautiful and makes me feel beautiful. I recently purchased a piece of the Delta Burk collection and my man almost "lost his mind" you help put the spark back in our relationship.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on your dream wear. I loved the look and the feel. It was very pretty and eye catching to my husband. I appreciate the fact of going in a store and finding something pretty and reasonable at the same time. Thank you!