Dreamwear is extremely customer driven providing the end consumer with innovative product, fashionable designs that offer great fit and comfort. Take a look below to see some consumer comments.

I am a Sri Lankan. I purchased couple of seamless bras.It is really comfortable. I have a severe ache in my shoulder when I am wearing other bras. Now I feel like I am in heaven.

Hello, I wanted to say how pleased I am with your "Soft lightweight seamless bras". They are just that. They are much more comfortable and wearable than I would have thought they would be. So....thank you for a great product.

Oh my god, I have never had a bra that was this comfortable. Although not a bra to wear when wearing special event clothing but an everyday bra, this has to be the best I've ever bought. Bought it today and tried it on as soon as I got home and it was LOVE. I am pregnant right now and hate all the pregnancy bras and I don't want to spend tons of money buying bras that  will eventually be too big for me once I've lost all the baby weight. This bra is perfect for me right now and for when after the baby is born. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra and I want more. Where can I purchase a variety of colors. Bought the two pack at Winners and they only had the black and purple variety in 3X and black and grey variety not in my size. Any idea where I can purchase more? Please let me know. This bra ROCKS!

I had purchased seamless comfort bra with removable pads size 3x. They are very comfortable. I purchased at a TJmaxx and cannot find them there any more. Do you have a online order site or another retailer that carries that particular style. I would like to get several more bras. I have recently had breast surgery and they are the only bras I have been able to wear comfortably. Thank you!

Dear Delta,I can not thank you enough got your wonderful lingerie styles in MY size. Apparently Canadian stores do not recognize that voluptuous women have limited budgets and do not want to look menopausal!!“I went to Buffalo New York yesterday with my friend. We do this fairly regularly to get away from Canadian reality. We ended up in a new store where I hit pay dirt! Your lingerie screamed out to me, so obeying my inner voice, I bought 6 bras. I never buy 6 of anything at one time! The highlight of coming home was throwing out the matronly lingerie and rinsing out the new. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have to decide which FUN bra to wear.You are my hero.

Delta, I recently purchased some of your lingerie and I absolutely love it. I am not one to sit down and E-mail with my busy schedule but I just tried on a black lace chemise after years of not buying lingerie and I love, love, love it. Thanks and keep up the great work. I will most certainly be buying more.

Tonight I purchased my first Delta Burke Collection bra/panty set. I have spent many years looking for a comfortable, well fitting bra. I have bought so many different brands of bras, all promising comfort, good fit etc. None of them lived up to my expectations until tonight. The minute I got home and tried the Delta Burke Collection bra on, I knew I was going back to buy more. It fit like it had been made just for me. I no longer felt “imprisoned” and for that reason alone I am writing to tell you Thank you!

I love the Delta Burke intimates especially the slimming jacquard control girdle. Relaxed enough to be comfortable with some light control. I have a lower back problem and seems to make it much easier on me when wearing it throughout the day.

I really wanted to tell you how much I love your products. I have always been a plus size beautiful woman and your line is always so well made and fits nicely and is pretty and sexy. Thank you!

Dear Ms. Burke, I for the first time in my life feel so feminine. I raised three boys and have been somewhat of a tomboy. Recently, I bought one of your lacy panties and a wonderful fitting bra. I love the fit and color, I am amazed someone out there thought to make a larger woman’s clothing pretty and I don’t feel like I am wearing old ladies clothes. Thank You very much from my heart! I love your clothes and undies. It’s exciting to shop now that you made all of us larger women so pretty. Thank you so much!